There are some musical pieces that carry a personal story of discovery, either the first time you heard an artist or a specific song; how it made you feel. Due to the ubiquitous music-discovery features built into services like Spotify and Apple Music today, that experience is unfortunately becoming a thing of the past.

At a church potluck on Sunday, I was challenged during conversation with another father not to give in to the lure of mindless entertainment. For much of my life, I’ve allowed “entertainment” to have some room to grow; it’s OK to indulge in entertainment as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. In college, I stopped playing video games because I saw what a waste of time they were. But I still indulge in an iPhone game every so often…

This evening, while roasting up a batch of Mexican coffee from the Comalapa region for the coffee drinkers at my office, I noticed something strange spinning in drum with the beans. After looking closer it was obviously a stone of some type.

I like to find a nice quiet park bench to sit on when I take a break to get some fresh air during my workdays. Sometimes I’m just walking along the sidewalk and I see a bench, but I have someplace to be: so I don’t stop to sit down and rest a bit.