Springtime Seed Starting

Well, it has been an entire year since I was in the full-tilt gardening mood, and some of that has started to kick in again. This time, I feel I’m exercising a greater dose of moderation in my enthusiasm for starting plants from seed, not to mention the fact that I started almost a month later than last year. I’m hopeful that this will help me avoid having to keep crazy tall tomato plants in my living room like last time.

Although I’ve been experimenting with a variety of vegetables for my garden, the main focus is the tomatoes. Here in Colorado, the recommended time to start tomato plants from seed is around St. Patrick’s day. Using that as a guide, I’m expecting to have nice-sized plants ready to take outside around Memorial Day, while avoiding the veritable jungle that was trying to survive in my basement about this time last year. Moving small plants between the various stages of growth (from seed to sprout, repotting small plants, hardening off, and planting out) always makes me think of the stages of growth in raising kids and also how it’s somewhat analogous to the Christian life.

I’ll report back with pictures once the plants start getting stronger, or maybe once they’re outdoors in the garden. Until then, it’s waiting… and watering.