A Vim Experiment

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A few months ago, I got the itch to learn a new programming tool. Perhaps there was a blog post I read or something like that (I really can’t remember), or maybe my subconcious brought up memories of a former coworker who was an avid Vim user. Continue reading

It has been a long time since I took a trip out of state, whether for work or for personal reasons. I’ll be heading out soon for a short personal trip, which means making a list and checking it twice. In the past, I’ve dabbled with a packing list app for my iPhone, but that never took off, likely due to the infrequency of my travel. When it comes to list, it’s hard to beat the old pen and paper. Continue reading

This afternoon it started to rain – not the wild, windy thunderstorm kind of storm, but a good spring soak that makes the grass grow and brings out flowers and plants. Usually, it’s not a problem to see rain outside my office window. But today, I rode my bicycle to work. And there was still another hour in the workday before I had to head home. Continue reading

Early on in our marriage, my wife and I loved to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon playing board games and talking. It was a great way to rest and connect, and we would often include extended family members in our afternoon gaming sessions. However, as home ownership and additional children entered our lives, the opportunities to sit down over a board game became less of a priority. Continue reading

Perhaps we talk faster, interrupt, talk over, invent, dissect, criticize and then move on to the next thing. Boom, boom, boom.

Don’t want to fall off the bike.

But life isn’t a bike. It works fine if we take a moment and leave space for the person next to us to speak.

- Seth Godin, on Personal velocity

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Last weekend, I cleaned off my back porch. That might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but considering I haven’t done it in a long time, and also considering that I have five children who like to use that back porch for all sorts of adventures[1], this achievement was long overdue. Continue reading

Last year was big for music discovery. I can’t remember where I got the idea, but I put together a “2019 Music” playlist in iTunes at the start of the year and began adding tracks that I discovered and liked. That might not have helped or hindered my music discovery, but it enabled me to catalog my new and interesting finds. And so, in 2019, I found some really awesome music… and listened to it a lot. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

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We’re now in a new decade, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep writing on my blog in 2020. With a new year comes resolutions and plans for the coming twelve months, but also the helpful and informative habit of looking back on past accomplishments, challenges, and growth. With that in mind, I hope to do a few posts over the next while to review some of the most influential books, favorite music, and exciting events of 2019.

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One of my favorite folk bands just came out with a new album this month. For the uninitiated, Flook is an Anglo-Irish folk band comprised of members Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan, Ed Boyd, and John Joe Kelley. Their music is predominately instrumental, featuring intricate and often very fast tunes played on flute and whistle. My wife refers to them as the “tootey-fluteys” whenever I play one of their albums in the car or around the house. Continue reading

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