Ever Seeing, But Not Perceiving

Over the last few days, I have had these lyrics from The Arcadian Wild’s latest single, Dopamine running through my head:

Giving pieces of me away

My death comes by a thousand cuts, and I paid for the knife

Bleeding for a way to escape my ball and chain

The fatal clutches of father screen time

In the context of screen addiction and endlessly scrolling social media feeds, it’s tempting to pin the blame on the evil capitalist smartphone manufacturer or the social media platform, instead or realizing and owning up to the reality that we are in control of our phones and how we use them for good or bad. When we get addicted and waste away our lives, we’re really doing damage to ourselves. And on a side note, I love the way they mixed metaphors with that “father screen time” line.

As the chorus of the song goes:

Wake up and break yourself outta here

Don’t be one of the cold souls who disappears

Stop believing and telling the lie

Why don’t you look your life in the eye?

It’s a good reminder to take personal responsibility for your life in a time when it seems like everyone is a victim of the real affects of screen addiction, FOMO, and all that goes along with it.

This song has been on repeat in our home for the past week, and it has me excited for the other tracks on The Arcadian Wild’s next album. I can’t wait for the full album to come out this summer, and also looking forward to seeing their live show when they’re in town in a few months!