Just Landed Is No More

This is a bit of old news, but wanted to get it in the blog anyways: the creators of the excellent iOS app Just Landed have decided to stop selling the app as of February 25, 2016, and the app will stop working on July 31, 2016. This is unfortunate news, especially since the app was beautiful, innovative, and really useful.

The reasons that Jon Grall gave in his article on Medium are quite interesting, and highlight the challenges that indie software developers face, from a disorganized and expensive environment for sourcing the data that makes an app like Just Landed “tick”, to the “deteriorating app economy” that Jon so succinctly highlights in his article. The article is a must-read for anyone in software development, especially those involved in developing for mobile devices. Although I’m sad the app is gone and will miss having such a useful tool on my phone for those random times when I need to pick someone up from the airport, I applaud the thoughtful decision by the guys at Little Details, and hope that we can see some improvement in the areas that were mentioned as downfalls of such a great little piece of software.