Copying Between Devices with Command-C

I recently discovered a cool tool to help with sharing clipboard contents between iOS and OSX. I’ve recently encountered a number of situations when I need to share text between my Mac and my iPhone, either to bring up a URL, a paragraph of text, or even a longer security code that I didn’t want to hand-type.

Even though Apple’s Handoff makes it easy to move between devices, I’ve always felt that it was a challenge to move text around. Hand-typing is way to error-prone, and AirDrop, as nice as it is, has a few extra steps.

Tip: to use Airdrop for selected text or images in iOS, make your selection and choose the “Share…” option in the black popup.

Anyways, the other day I was going through my Alfred workflows, and I noticed a comment about a workflow for a tool called Command-C. After reading a little about the app, I decided to install the OSX application on my MacBook Pro. The iOS app costs $3.99, but I decided to bite the bullet and try it out, since it looked like a really useful tool. Pairing my devices was simple, and with a little tweaking to a Alfred workflow I found online (I’ll go into that more in a later post), I was able to easily copy my clipboard right over to my iPhone. Cool! I can see this being useful for those random cases where I need to dump some text to an app on my iPhone, or grab something from an email I’m reading and send it to my Mac.

Go grab a copy of the utility at the OSX App Store and iOS App Store.