It has been a while since I’ve messed with this site, so I thought I’d get it up and going again with an upgrade to the theme (shouldn’t look any different, though) and a quick review of the links, etc. Turned out to be a bit more involved than I originally bargained for, but on the whole, not too bad. Just a bit of wrangling with npm as usual, and a bit of config-file comparisons, and we’re back in business! I’ve been thinking it would be good to start writing more and posting interesting ideas, thoughts, and reviews of handy tools. So this is the start. Interestingly, in the last few months, I went through a bit of a “simplification” spree and started cutting back on all sorts of random services and things I have up and running. One of the big things that was costing me money (for no good reason) was my hosting account with Dreamhost. Nothing wrong with Dreamhost, but I was spending more than $120 per year to host sites I wasn’t updating. I took down quite a few of my old sites (after backing them up, for nostalgia’s sake) and got the account ready to close down. When the time comes for the Dreamhost account to renew again in a few months, I’ll go ahead and close it down.

So why didn’t I get rid of this site? Well, I found I could host static pages at another place where I’m paying for hosting, so since I’m already using Hexo to generate a static site, this works great. The other main reason for keeping this site around is for a place where I can write. The exercise of preparing and polishing an idea in writing is good for my thinking. It helps me to develop and refine my thoughts into concise points that communicate a clear message. So, as time allows, I’ll be taking ideas and thoughts and putting them into words, and then publishing them here.

We’ll see how often anything actually shows up, and how long this lasts. 😬