Well, it has been an entire year since I was in the full-tilt gardening mood, and some of that has started to kick in again. This time, I feel I’m exercising a greater dose of moderation in my enthusiasm for starting plants from seed, not to mention the fact that I started almost a month later than last year. I’m hopeful that this will help me avoid having to keep crazy tall tomato plants in my living room like last time.

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Our family has finally recovered from more than a week-long stomach bug that was probably Norovirus. For most of us, the actual sickness didn’t last for more than a day or two (thank God!) but it took a while making its way through four kids and two parents.

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I went out to the garden this weekend and picked my first to ears of corn from the popcorn variety I planted back in June. This corn is a much smaller variety than sweet corn, so I have been waiting for the right time to harvest some and see how it turns out. After researching the best time to harvest popcorn, I discovered that you should let it dry as much a possible on the stalk and at least wait until the ear dries out and looses most of its green leaves.

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I’m a bit of a productivity and task-management nerd. Unfortunately, this means lots of change and experimentation with new systems, programs, plans, etc. Over the years I’ve waffled between various systems, but for 2018, I decided to stick with one system and try to use it as long as possible. Instead of becoming a purist for one specific productivity method, I’ve instead combined the best elements of a few different systems and tips that I picked up over the years, and mashed them all into something I like to call my “daily pages”. Continue reading

Over the last week, my wife and I chose to turn off the alarm clock and wake up when our bodies naturally woke up in the morning. Partly this was due to a more relaxed schedule for me at work, and also because we had some inconsistent evenings with later bedtimes. This unplanned “experiment” started out innocently at first, when we genuinely forget to turn on the alarm clock on Sunday night, but deliberately choose to keep it off for the rest of the week… because, why not?

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I hate naps. Actually, I don’t hate napping, I just dislike how I feel afterward. Although it’s hard to describe, the general feeling I experience is one of my entire body acting drugged or asleep, as if I’m trying to wade through a swamp of molasses while carrying an unconscious cow. Scientists call it sleep inertia, and it makes me feel like a limp, overcooked noodle. Even worse, napping in the afternoon makes it hard for me to fall asleep at night, which usually tempts me to stay up late and disrupt my usual sleep cycle.

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For a while now, I’ve been thinking about all the extra stuff that I have laying around my home and toying with the idea of liquidating the random collections of things we don’t use. One such collection is board games. For the past eight years or so, my wife and I have enjoyed board gaming as a fun pastime that turned into a full-fledged hobby and collecting sport but eventually smoldered into a fun pastime again. Continue reading

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