Reading IKEA Product Names

Tonight was date night, and after dinner at a Mexican restaurant, my wife and I decided that a drive to our local IKEA was in order. We thought their dining area would be a great place to sit down and play a board game together. The idea was a good one; we got some free coffee thanks to the IKEA Family Membership and then battled it out with a game of Lost Cities. After losing the first three rounds, I squeaked out a victory.

After our game, I suggested we walk around the store and look at the displays. As we walked along, I started saying the various product names out loud. This got sort of funny as we encountered some of the more outlandish names, so I started taking pictures of the ones I liked:
How in the world did they come up with this? Made me think of sheep made out of moss. Or something
It was very inexpensive, just don’t let Kris trup, uh… trip on it.
This product name makes a little more sense, like tramping or stamping.
Unfortunately, this might inspire the kids to… Hey!! No, don’t throw that!
So… does it really give a good general light… or NOT?
Another interesting one… and crudely marked down!
This one could be taken a lot of different ways… it was fun to say out loud, though.