Sunday Afternoon Games

Early on in our marriage, my wife and I loved to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon playing board games and talking. It was a great way to rest and connect, and we would often include extended family members in our afternoon gaming sessions. However, as home ownership and additional children entered our lives, the opportunities to sit down over a board game became less of a priority.

But yesterday, my oldest son asked me if I’d be willing to play a game of Dominion with him. There were other things I was planning to do in the afternoon, but I wanted to invest in him, so we agreed to spend the last hour of “quiet rest time” playing a game. At the end of the afternoon, he grabbed the dusty copy of Dominion Intrigue off of the game shelf and started setting it up on the kitchen table. In minutes, we were both excitedly buying Estates and Duchies, trying out different action cards, and ruthlessly sabatoging each others’ plans to collect the most victory points.
I made use of the Baron card a bunch during this game…

In the end, I won the game with 53 points, but it was a fun time together. Despite the fact that my interest in board gaming has dwindled quite a bit over the years, this pastime might just make a comeback as the next generation grows older.