Colorado Symphony Opening Concert

Tonight, my wife and I went downtown for the opening night of the Colorado Symphony’s new season. It was lots of fun - great music, and plenty of reminiscing too. I’ve been to quite a few events at Boettcher Concert Hall1 and all those memories came back as we walked through the halls together and looked around before the concert.

We even spotted a few photos of the orchestra on the wall and found our viola teacher (we both took music lessons from the same teacher back in the day).

The program included a contemporary piece, Mozart’s 25th Piano Concerto, and Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony. I wasn’t as familiar with the Mozart piece, but it was perfect 18th-century classical music, and very well-played by the pianist. The Rachmaninoff, however, is super familiar. I picked up a recording of that piece sometime during my first years with the Denver Young Artists Orchestra, and I loved it. I still love it. What amazed me is that I haven’t heard that specific symphony for years and I felt like I could knew every note through the entire piece. The performance was fantastic, definitely the most I’ve enjoyed a concert in a very long time.

  1. I even played music on stage quite a bit back in the youth orchestra days… ↩︎