Listening To: Sinfonia Melodica

There are some musical pieces that carry a personal story of discovery, either the first time you heard an artist or a specific song; how it made you feel. Due to the ubiquitous music-discovery features built into services like Spotify and Apple Music today, that experience is unfortunately becoming a thing of the past.

I still vividly remember hearing a Telemann Sonata on Colorado Public Radio while driving to work, and thinking, “Wow. This is fantastic. I must get this CD!” Later that day, I looked up the specific album, Sinfonia Melodica (works by Georg Philipp Telemann),  and put it on my Amazon wishlist. That was in the days before I used Apple Music, so my wife kindly purchased the CD for my birthday. Thanks to her generosity, I’ve enjoyed this wonderful album for the past few years. Over time, this specific music has gathered a bit of dust in my music collection, though it’s still really great. So just this week, I put it on my “queue” while working at the office, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I even recommended it to a coworker and went out of my way to find the Spotify link for him.
Sinfonia Melodica album

If you’re up for a delightful baroque musical treat, check out the album on Apple Music.