This year I’ve been doing more gardening than in previous years, and I think I’ve gone a bit overboard. In fact, I’ve been writing myself various notes about “holding back on planting too much” that I hope I’ll conveniently find sometime around February next year.

The weather is heating up quite a bit, so we filled up the kiddie pool in the backyard today. After lunch, everyone hurried outside to play in the water, but the fun soon turned to tears and screaming when water was poured on an unsuspecting victim.

Played a game of Rat Hot this evening with my wife. This out-of-print game takes a unique spin on the concept of tile-placement, where each player is attempting to pair up their color of “spices”, while trying to cover up any of their rats that might be showing.

The other evening, I really enjoyed reading through the “Coffee vs. Tea” article in the latest issue of Standart magazine. At the conclusion of the article, the author essentially states that coffee is the winner, providing the following evidence

While driving to the Leadercast Live simulcast event here in the Denver Metro Area this morning, I finished listening to a podcast episode featuring journalist Tim Wu, the author of a recent New York Times opinion piece titled The Tyrrany of Convenience.

Took a walk in the rain today over lunch. It actually wasn’t too bad, especially after I got used to the idea of raindrops randomly hitting my eyeballs. I came across a helpful sign (see photo), and two geese that were patrolling on the rooftop of a nearby building.