Last year was big for music discovery. I can’t remember where I got the idea, but I put together a “2019 Music” playlist in iTunes at the start of the year and began adding tracks that I discovered and liked. That might not have helped or hindered my music discovery, but it enabled me to catalog my new and interesting finds. And so, in 2019, I found some really awesome music… and listened to it a lot. Continue reading

One of my favorite folk bands just came out with a new album this month. For the uninitiated, Flook is an Anglo-Irish folk band comprised of members Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan, Ed Boyd, and John Joe Kelley. Their music is predominately instrumental, featuring intricate and often very fast tunes played on flute and whistle. My wife refers to them as the “tootey-fluteys” whenever I play one of their albums in the car or around the house. Continue reading

There are some musical pieces that carry a personal story of discovery, either the first time you heard an artist or a specific song; how it made you feel. Due to the ubiquitous music-discovery features built into services like Spotify and Apple Music today, that experience is unfortunately becoming a thing of the past.

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Last night at IKEA, we succumbed to the lure of inexpensive Scandinavian merchandise, and I picked up one of their smaller ENEBY Bluetooth speakers to try out in our kitchen. We use AirPlay primarily throughout the house for playing music, but our kitchen is one area where the sound doesn’t reach as well and where I often would like to listen to something like a podcast while working (e.g. doing dishes). Plus, the speaker looks cool and has received some pretty good ratings online.

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This evening, my wife and I found ourselves listening to a favorite soundtrack from a delightful anime film from Studio Ghibli called When Marnie Was There. The movie tells a captivating story[1], and the soundtrack by Takatsugu Muramatsu is an excellent fit. My favorite track from the album is Marnie, which captures all of the beauty and mystery of the film in a one single piece.

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Earlier this week I discovered a new album on Apple Music called American Dream, by Norwegian composer Thomas Bergersen. It has turned out to be pretty good “background music” for listening at work, especially during more focused sessions of writing or programming (which I’ve been doing more over the past few days). The music sounds much like a “film soundtrack” but turns out to be a great classical-style symphonic suite.

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