Early on in our marriage, my wife and I loved to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon playing board games and talking. It was a great way to rest and connect, and we would often include extended family members in our afternoon gaming sessions. However, as home ownership and additional children entered our lives, the opportunities to sit down over a board game became less of a priority. Continue reading

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about all the extra stuff that I have laying around my home and toying with the idea of liquidating the random collections of things we don’t use. One such collection is board games. For the past eight years or so, my wife and I have enjoyed board gaming as a fun pastime that turned into a full-fledged hobby and collecting sport but eventually smoldered into a fun pastime again. Continue reading

Played a game of Rat Hot this evening with my wife. This out-of-print game takes a unique spin on the concept of tile-placement, where each player is attempting to pair up their color of “spices”, while trying to cover up any of their rats that might be showing. Expose too many rats, and you lose!

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Just this evening, I finished a Sudoku puzzle on my phone using the Sudoku Premium appat the “evil” level, which is actually quite hard. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing Sudoku puzzles more frequently , both in paper and on my iPhone app. Initially, I gravitated towards “medium” levels, but have progressed to more and more difficultly as my focus has improved and I’ve refined a few logic tricks.

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