Cool Lego Creation: Record Player Turntable

Yesterday morning, my oldest came upstairs to show me a unique LEGO creation of his own design: a “record player”. I don’t know if he’s ever seen an old record player anywhere except in a random Shaun the Sheep episode, but this creation was pretty realistic!

It had a spinning platter and a tonearm, but it needed some improvements to get the platter turning without direct contact.
Top view of the platter and tonearm

Of course, this LEGO-engineering challenge immediately captivated my attention, so we hurried down to the basement and spent a few minutes figuring out how to attach some gears so that he could use a “crank” mechanism to turn the platter.
Working crank mechanism

It’s obviously not the most amazing work of art1, but it’s incredibly imaginative, given the limited supply of lego at his disposal. Really cool!

Here’s a quick GIF of the turntable in motion:
Legos in motion!

  1. A quick Google search turns up some really realistic-looking models ↩︎