Spring Turning Into Summer

The weather is heating up quite a bit, so we filled up the kiddie pool in the backyard today. After lunch, everyone hurried outside to play in the water, but the fun soon turned to tears and screaming when water was poured on an unsuspecting victim. I happened to be watching from the back door, and encouraged the offended sibling to “fight back”. This comment led to a full-on water fight, complete with laughing, screaming, and plenty of running around the yard.

There were mentions of “water cannons”, “water shooters”, and “water bombs”, just like a real battle.¬†Everyone got soaked, and it kept us all entertained for more than an hour in the sun.

Later, we had a “drawing time” indoors, and while the kids scribbled on paper, I drew the following picture of something I saw (and heard) during the time outdoors: